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Mom's On Mission (M.O.M)
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My Patterns

Please do NOT post my patterns to your site without my permission.  Also, these patterns are for charity and personal use only, they may not be sold or money obtained from the finished item.

Symbols for pattens: S= sewn, K= Knit, C=Crochet

Ali's Super Easy Sewn Reversable Baby Blanket
(suitable for crib, toddler bed, or play quilt)
Can be made from most fabric
1 1/2 yds. top fabric
1 1/2 yds. bottom fabric
1 1/2 yds. batting or blanket
Place fabrics right sides together, lay batting on top of one of the pieces of fabric.  Pin in place and zig zag stitch around 3 sides and 3/4 way across the other side.  Turn blanket using the opening.  Tuck under raw edges, pin together, and stitch closed.
*To decorate the blanket: you can add lace or ball fringe before pinning the pieces together.  Simply lay the lace or fringe between the two pieces of fabric, with the lacey part  laying on the fabric.  Finish by folling directions above.  Also, you can make a "binding" for the blanket.  Simply measure all four sides of the blanket.  Cut that measurement from desired fabric, making sure that the fabric is atleast 2 inches wide.  Now, hem all four edges.  Fold over the blanket, pin and stitch in place.
(added 2/4/05) *I know this works, and fits the beds listed above because I made 2 of them for my sons in 2002.  They still use those blankets, and all seams have held through MANY repeated washings.  This blanket can be made in any size by simply changing the fabric and batting measurements to the size you would like.